I feel it here

She said with her hands cupped together pressed against her chest.

That's what an artist friend told me about a recent encounter with someone who couldn’t speak English very well, but knew exactly how she felt about her work.

I feel it here.

That's how it should be. You should feel it in your heart. You should feel it in your stomach. In your guts. That's how art should be experienced. Don't try to rationalize it or explain it with words. Some things have to be felt, not said. Forget about what others will think. Forget about practicalities for a moment… and feel it.

Does it move you?

Does it make you feel something in your heart? In your gut?

Does it leave you restless?


wall covered with beautiful paintings - flavia bernardes art blog

That's when you know it's good. That's what makes a painting good. Not because someone told you so.

It's how it makes you feel.

And it's a gut feeling. A visceral one. It doesn't matter if it makes you smile or if it makes you cry. All that matters is that it moves you. That it makes you feel something. Words are not important here. Go with that feeling. Go with your gut. Because that’s when you know a painting is good. That’s when you know it is for you.

what makes a painting good - flavia bernardes art blog

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