Sneak Peek Of The New Flowers Series


It all started with a hunch. It was all about following a curiosity and seeing it through. When I least expected I was surrounded by colors and movement, by lightness and softness. That’s what flowers came to mean for me.

This collection is based on nature and nurture. It is all about finding peace where you are, feeling like you belong in your environment and bringing a bit of nature indoors. Feeling grounded. Nurturing our souls and healing our hearts. Feeling home. Here are a few pictures of studies and some of the new watercolor flower paintings.


Watercolor flower painting progress

Watercolor flower paintings studies

Watercolor yellow flower painting

Watercolor lavender painting

Watercolor peonies paintings

The new collection will be live on my website in late September. For early access to all of my releases and to shop a day earlier, you can sign up for my email list. Click the image below to get on my list and receive a free gallery wall starter kit.

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