It’s good to feel stupid - flavia bernardes art blog

I have to paint you.

Those words just rolled out of my mouth. As I sat there carefully minding my own business and slowly working on a watercolor painting in the middle of a bustling arts festival, when suddenly I noticed someone passing by. And as I look up, light comes beaming onto his red head of hair and his freckled angel like face.

I have to paint you.

Did I just said that out loud? Was the after thought. Of course sensible people would just say “hi” and go on about their business, but those people are probably dead inside anyways. Since I’m neither most people nor dead inside I said the next best thing:

I have to paint you.

Because that’s what I do. Most of the time words just come rushing out of my mouth and my brain tries to catch up and make sense of things, often amazed at what has just happened.

But that’s how sometimes great things happen. Because you were bold and spontaneous. You took the initiative you spoke your mind. You weren’t afraid of looking stupid. Or you stood up for yourself and said the truth. Your truth. Sometimes our mouths get us in trouble, but sometimes they do what is needed to push us forward, to help us make progress, to make connections.

I’m glad I have a big mouth with a mind of its own. Sometimes it makes for some really awkward situations, but other times it makes for some really interesting ones. And sometimes even good paintings. And isn’t it all worth it?

We only have a limited number of days in this planet. We’re only here once (at least that I know of). Life is too short to be afraid. To hold ourselves down. To smile just a little. To love just a little or to open ourselves up just a little. To not take chances.

It’s about living fully. About opening up and expanding our hearts. And letting ourselves be seen. And sometimes making a fool of ourselves and trying to catch up with our mouths is part of the process.

oil pastel portrait painting of a red hair boy