Creativity is more important than inteligence.

He once said, probably while making funny faces and sticking his tongue out while staring at the mirror. That or when working his way through the theory of relativity. You know, one or the other. And yes, one of the most inteligent men to ever grace the planet actually said that creativity is more important than inteligence. Creativity.

And Mr. Einstein wasn't alone. You hear people saying things like you should be more creative, all the time.

Which is funny because the truth is: we are all creative.

choose creativity

We were born creatives. We were born perfect just the way we are, but somewhere along the way we unlearn it. We learn that we shouldn’t be so loud. We shouldbln't laugh so much. We should be more practical. We should be more sensible. We should fit it.

painting of a woman looking down - flavia bernardes art

So we water ourselves down for the sake of being sensible. We smile when don’t want to. We fit in and become beige. We put up walls and façades... and grow stale.

But the bottom line is: we are all creatives. It’s just a matter of scrapping years of this toxic rust off.

painting of a woman looking down - flavia bernardes art

And creativity is a crazy good thing. It’s about giving ourselves permission to be who we really are. To let ourselves be silly. To be flawed. To be perfect just the way we are. And let ourselves be seen.

oi pastel portrait painting of a woman looking down