You know when you’re lazily thumbing through Instagram looking at photos of current news feeling pretty discouraged about humanity as a whole when you see something that kind of shifts everything? 

Suddenly you feel alive and all giddy with joy. You see that there’s more to life.

You see real people, with real lives, and real bodies.


You see people wearing their hearts on their sleeves, baring their souls, telling their stories and questioning pre packed ideas of what is right and what is wrong. Of what it means to be human, of what true beauty really is.

You see people taking back their power and owning their stories. Taking agency over their own lives and setting themselves free.  

You see people daring to be themselves... Flaws and all. And you know what I see? Pure beauty. In its most raw, most honest form.

It brightens up my day and fills me up with joy. And it gives me hope. Hope that someone somewhere will see those photos and those captions and feel less alone. It’s the kind of thing I wish I had access to when I was growing up. Think of yourself when you were growing up for a moment. All your insecurities magnified by a society that is constantly telling you that to have any value, you need to look and act a certain way.

Can you imagine what it’s like to have someone you admire and looks like you, say that there’s nothing wrong with you?

That no matter what others might say, you are beautiful and worthy of love. That you don’t need to fit into a mold, you don’t have to change. That you’re perfect the way you are.

Every photo I see, every story I read: They all touched me. And my way of thanking those amazing women is through my paintings. Through body positive art.

And I hope that they not only shine a bright light on those gorgeous ladies, but that they also reach someone somewhere who will see those paintings and feel less alone. 

And I hope it brightens up their days.

Here are some of the inspiring ladies that have brightened up my days (you can find links to their Instagram accounts below). And there are many more to come...  Know someone inspiring? Let me know in the comments below.

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All the lovely ladies inspiring my body positive art: 

Georgina Horne -

Melissa Gibson -

Fran Hayden -

Ashley Nell Tipton -

Megan Jayne Crabbe -

Jewelz M -

Tessenie Mowatt -

Cheyenne -

Jes Baker -