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Do you ever have the feeling that something is not right with your decor? In theory you're done decorating, but something still feels off. You try rearranging the furniture, buying a new lamp and even adding a new rug, but your space still doesn't feel done. Not to worry. You just need something to bring it all together in a coherent way. And art might just be what you're looking for. Here are 7 ways art can improve your room decor.


If you love the space you’re in, but feel like something is missing, try adding some color to it. And what better way to do that than by adding some beautiful paintings or prints to your wall? Art is the easiest way to add a pop of color to a room and if done right, can make any room feel finished, polished and complete.


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Another way to make a room come together is to add some texture to it. You can play with the different materials and themes on your art collection. Look at the texture of the paper or the canvas, the thickness of the paint and the artist’s brush strokes and the way it moves on the canvas. As for themes, think about what feels more like you: florals, minimalist brush strokes, fluid watercolors, or whatever suits your fancy. Texture adds another layer of interest and can make a room look more polished and put together.

large-botanical-watercolor-print-hanging-on-study-room - 7 ways art can improve your room decor

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The human eye tends to travel around a room and rest on a focal point. Knowing that, you can intentionally choose your focal point, instead of letting it be something random like your TV. You can be more mindful with your room decor and choose something you’re proud of and that truly represents your style and taste.

hanging art with binder clips - creative ways to display art

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Art has the power of not just complementing your decor, but it can also make you feel something. You can choose to make your space feel as vibrant and alive, or as calm and peaceful as you like. It’s all in the details: the colors, themes, motifs, texture and the way you choose to display your prints or paintings. Look at how peaceful the bedroom below looks.

gallery wall of feminine pink watercolor prints hanging on bedroom wall - 7 ways art can improve your room decor

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From the way you you arrange your paintings on the wall to the type of art you choose, you can strategically add a sense of movement to your space. Think of Van Gogh’s paintings, for example. They are so vibrant you can almost feel the wind blowing or the rays of sunshine touching your skin. It feels almost like throwing a pebble in a lake and watching all the pretty ripples in creates. You can create that by arranging different paintings and prints into beautiful gallery walls, playing with different themes and the way they are displayed to create a sense of movement.

hanging art with clipboards - creative ways to hang art - flavia bernardes art



Just as accessories can make an ensemble look really put together, art make a room come to life. And you can think of it as a statement piece: something that ties it all together and make your house feel like home. It makes a statement, it says something about you, about your personality, about your taste and style. And you can choose to go as big and bold or as small and minimal as you like.

large geometric watercolor painting on bedroom wall - 7 ways art can improve your room decor

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If you have a nagging feeling that something is off in the space you created, art might just be the missing piece. It makes your space look more polished and it helps bring all your decor efforts together. It creates a feeling that makes the room look "finished" and complete. it's that one touch that can help your house feel like home.

gallery wall in yellow and blue hangin on living room - 7 Ways Art Can Improve Your Room Decor

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