I make those paintings

The ones that make you stop,


and feel.  


art wall - canvas print - watercolor painting - body positive painting - flavia bernardes art


You might have…


a room that is a bit bare

a lonely spot on your wall

or just a longing for something that speaks to you

a statement

a true reminder of who you are



Portraits are my way of expressing what I see best in people.

There is immense strength in vulnerability and when you let yourself be seen for who you really are?

It's powerful.



You have the right to feel beautiful, to feel seen, to feel like you matter. Because you know what? You do. And you deserve something that represents that. It's for those times when you get home after a long day at work, stressed out and it feels like the whole world has gone mad. You sit on your couch, pour yourself a nice glass of wine and there it is: looking straight at you. There is that painting that makes everything come together, that makes your house feel like home. It makes you feel like you have arrived and every time you look at it, it serves as a little reminder of that. It feels like a present to yourself, like a small gift, a small affirmation of truth.


My artwork?


Helps you remember who you are.

Helps you remember your essence.

It remembers your past and connects it to your present.

It helps you see strength in vulnerability


My artwork is your heart in paint.


about flavia bernardes


Professional bio

Flavia Bernardes is a fine artist, illustrator and children's book author based in Ireland. She has a BA in English Literature and Linguistics and worked for more than ten years as an English teacher and language acquisition researcher. Despite loving those roles, she realized that something was missing and decided to go back to school. She graduated with a bachelor of Fine Arts degree and has been working as an artist since 2009. She works mainly with portraits using oil painting, watercolors and oil pastels. She also writes and illustrates her own children's books.